01 Mar 2020

Latest news on Coronavirus from ITU

Haber: İTÜ Medya ve İletişim Ofisi

InternInternational Grant Awarded to ITU Faculty Member Mert Gür in Fight Against Coronavirus

Dr. Mert Gür, from Mechanical Engineering Department, and his collaborators have been named recipients of two prestigious research awards from the USA and the European Union (EU), in both of which Mert Gür will be acting as principal investigator. The research project titled “Investigation of the Cell Attachment and Fusion Mechanism of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations” by Dr. Gür in collaboration with UC Berkeley is expected to contribute significantly to global research on developing drugs within the scope of the fight against the New Coronavirus.

Social Isolation and Our Mental Health during Distance Education

Mental health is another issue just as important as physical health in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.
Mental health is another issue just as important as physical health in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. ITU Psychological Counseling and Guidance Center Coordinator, Psychological Counselor Cem Demirbaş shared his detailed recommendations for protecting psychology and increasing psychological resilience during this period.

ITU Scientists Sequenced the First Coronavirus Genome in Istanbul

Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Gizem Dinler Doğanay from Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of the Faculty of Science and Letters, the research team carrying out their studies in the Advanced Genetic Analysis Laboratory (GLAB), sequenced the virus genome from a patient’s sample in Istanbul.


ITU ARI Teknokent mobilized in combating novel coronavirus outbreak

ITU scientists and ITU ARI Teknokent companies and entrepreneurs made important contributions to the struggle with the novel coronavirus outbreak with their solutions.

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